Quarantine Day 24

We got through day 24. It was another busy day. I started off by making ten more masks for the nursing home. I’m getting faster now with a system of getting them done! The fabric stash was from craft projects I had planned on doing someday. I think they look great as face masks!

When I got home from making this delivery, Little AoA and I put Easter treats together for my aunt and her roommate at the nursing home. We also made treat bags for two kids whose mom makes pot pie and bread for us to buy each week. We put treats together for my oldest daughter and granddaughter too. We actually delivered my daughter’s treats to her at work today. We got her a shirt with a phrase she used once (it was my first time hearing it). This is the shirt…

I noticed out in the world today, that most workers and customers I saw, were not wearing masks. People are overall, ready to stop the quarantine. Some are talking about it not affecting very many people here because our area is considered rural. Our county has 31 cases, and last night the first person passed away in our county from COVID-19. This is worrisome, as the projected peak is next week.

I had a nice text conversation with my sister. She shared these fun puzzle games with me. At first look, it is a jumbled mess. Once I started getting into it, I found it a little fun. Here are the puzzles….

I don’t know all of them…let me know if you recognize any!

Here is a fun idea to combine the Easter decorating with COVID-19…

Here I am, hoping you all are holding on during this unprecedented time in our generations…

Here is the flower of the day from Dear Heart Florist in my town…

Stay well, stay home if you can, and show kindness to a neighbor!


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