Quarantine Day 25

Day 25 of Quarantine has come to a close. Little AoA woke me up really early, and disturbed my dream. I was dreaming that I was at Disney World, shopping in one of the gift shops. When I started to wake up, I told Little AoA about it, and she brought it up all day!

We had a small garden spot tilled up this morning. My mom and I are planning a small garden with tomatoes, squash, and green beans. It’s been years since I have had a garden. I remember starting out really productive, then watching the weeds take over. Maybe I can actually keep up with it this year.

I made some more masks today. I used some more youthful fabric this time. I made myself a Hogwarts themed one. The one I have been using was my prototype, and not quite as nice as the ones I am making now.

I did a piano lesson with Little AoA. While we were playing, I texted her actual piano teacher to tell her we missed her. I also responded to an email I received from one of my students, and caught up with student blogs. I have about three students who are really shining in blogging and written communication.

Stuck on the floor

My mom called to me from her room. She was on the floor and couldn’t get up. She had been trying to get something from under her bed, and didn’t think about getting back up. I tried to get her up while my dad was occupied elsewhere, as he gets really upset when my mom gets herself in a jam by trying to do things that she shouldn’t be doing. Mom doesn’t like to ask for help. We did manage to get her up after trying a few different ways.

Here is something funny I saw today. It made me laugh because just last night, I was telling my oldest about how I wore gloves and a mask to do the shopping. She got a little snarky with me about wearing the gloves…

Here are the Dear Heart flowers for the day….

Stay well, stay home if you can, and show kindness to a neighbor!


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