Quarantine Day 26

Day 26 has come to an end on this day before Easter. Little AoA and I had a list of things to do today, and we did a pretty good job on it. We made some chocolate chip cookies for the nursing staff at the nursing home where my daughter works. We made little treat bags for them with a picture, candy, a button mask strap, and the cookies. We delivered them to the outside drop off table at the nursing home, as it is on lockdown. We also took treat bags to the nursing home where my aunt lives, for my aunt and her roommate. These people at the nursing homes have been without in person visitors for a month now! My aunt has low cognitive functioning and cerebral palsy that makes communication too difficult for her over the phone or FaceTime. We depend on reports of her wellbeing from the nurses, and I take treats for her once or twice a week so that she knows we are still out here!

New Mask

I wore one of my recent mask creations while on my rounds today. I really like the Hogwarts theme. If masks become a standard costume, I will have fun making different themed ones.

Easter Eve

Little AoA and I dyed some eggs today. The middle basket is filled with artificial eggs we decorated over the last few years.

Here is something that made me laugh today…

Here is a Dear Heart flower for today…

Stay safe, stay home if you can, and show kindness to another!


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