Quarantine Day 28

Day 28 is in the books! Today was a blur. I woke up with a sore throat and headache. It was probably from all the excitement from Easter and lack of sleep. I brainstormed with my sister about some Google classroom ideas. This motivated me to work toward a new goal, which is just what I need.

One of my friends shared a petition on change.org, encouraging Walmart stores to supplement their employees’ pay with “hazard bonuses”. I can only imagine our essential workers must experience much anxiety about going to work. My anxiety kicks in just setting foot in a store these days.

I watched our state governor address our state this afternoon. We are currently under a “Stay at Home Order” through April 14th. Today, that was extended to April 30th. Many people in my area want everything opened back up now. I am personally glad that this was done, but there has got to be more help for people who are suffering financially. Our little town was just starting to take off as an arts district filled with cute little shops. Everything is closed….

In the evening, I attended a support meeting for LBGTQ community and allies. The meeting was done on zoom, with breakout groups. This was the first large meeting I have done with zoom. It was nice to see everyone. While I do like in-person meetings, I must admit that a lot of time is saved by meeting remotely. I live about an hour from several places I go to attend meetings and have appointments. I save two hours with every meeting that is done virtually.

When night came, just as I was getting ready to settle down for the night, my aunt discovered an app called “House Party”. I got on the group party with my aunt, mom, sister, and cousins. I like the format for this app, plus the feature it has that lets you play group games. We played a trivia game together.

Many cheers for our frontline healthcare workers today!

Here is a Dear Heart flower….

Stay well, stay home if you can, and show kindness to a fellow human❤️


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