Quarantine Day 30

Day 30 is in the books! I haven’t really gotten into binge watching too much during our quarantine, but I did start watching Schitts Creek. I didn’t think I would care for it. I usually prefer crime dramas or sci-fi. I haven’t laughed this much in a long time! The premise is that a very wealthy family loses everything, and ends up having to live in a low end motel in a little town. They don’t acclimate too well.

I had a busy start to my day. I have had requests for 14 masks from people who want to pay for them. I am not looking to profit from this, but I will let them donate a little bit to the material fund! I am so glad I can do this little thing to help. I feel a bit like a modern day Rosie the Riveter.

I was able to have zoom meetings with two of my students, which I enjoyed very much. I have found a few fun things to do with the kids that go right along with what we were doing when we were in school.

At 3:00, we all sat in front of the tv watching our governor report on schools. Our schools will remain closed until August! This came as a relief to me. With my high risk parents living with me, I would have had a hard time going back until the pandemic is resolved. At least we have more time now. Even though we won’t have school, I have got to make myself useful. I started taking a Google Classroom training. I have had some ideas about setting up online tutoring services. I have seen the need that my students have had, and the need that Little AoA has had to meet with her tutor once a week. It isn’t really about the academics, but more about a relationship with a purpose!

Our evening was filled with some blogging with Little AoA. We are using a platform called “kidblog”, which is really user friendly for elementary age kids. I like that blogging gives writing a purpose.

In the world of COVID-19, our state is opening up drive thru testing for anyone, regardless of symptoms. It will be set up for the next two weekends. Our county has held at 34 cases for three days in a row. Of course, that could be from a backlog in testing, or it could be accurate….no one knows. It makes it look like our people are really taking stay at home orders seriously. I hope the best case is true.

Here are the Dear Heart flowers for today…

Stay well, stay home if you can, and show kindness to a neighbor…


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