Quarantine Day 31

Strange thoughts enter my mind on this day 31 of our quarantine. This will be the LONGEST stretch of time I haven’t been at work in 20 years! Even when my kids were born, I didn’t take this much time off. I might be disappointed in myself if I don’t get our sheds and garage cleaned out! I am really good at procrastinating…

I finished up 14 more masks today. This time it was for two families. I am so happy to be able to do this. I did decide that if people offer to pay, I let them give $1.00 for each mask. That just goes toward buying more material. I have donated masks to nursing homes, and if I hear of other places that need them in small amounts, I will help.

Little AoA got to do some online visits with her counselor and her tutor. She really needs the additional interaction with people. When we first switched to meeting with people on zoom and FaceTime, she would get really nervous, and didn’t want to talk. Today, she kicked me out of the room during her meetings! She even has plans to FaceTime with our aunt and cousins tomorrow night. She now includes scheduling these meetings in our daily goal planner. These are new times indeed…

In the evening, we had a jam session. We had a good time playing and singing. Here is Little AoA with papa AoA…

I found a few funny things today. I worry that my sense of humor is darkening with this social distancing. I miss being around people in the world. Even though I can be pretty quiet, I do love people.

Someone is going to be sad when they realize what they forgot!

Surprise the kids with a “feetloaf”! (I really want to try this)

These are from my sister’s collection.

Here is one for my nurse daughter, working at a nursing home and protecting the vulnerable.

Stay well, stay home if you can, and show kindness to a fellow human…


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