Quarantine Day 33

Day 33 was a little more productive for me than days past. I started the day by making the run to the store for groceries, and dropping off treats at the nursing home for my aunt, who lives there. I can’t believe I am saying this, but I was really excited about buying a new broom and a floor duster. I can’t wait to clean the floors tomorrow with my new cleaning tools!

Little AoA is putting together ten treat bags for us to take to the nursing home. She is drawing pictures on the bags that she learned from a video. Each bag will have a word search book, pens, pencils, candy, lotion, cards, and a puzzle. Our nursing home residents have been locked down for over 33 days. That is a long, long time for families to not be able to visit their loved ones and make sure their needs are being met. I go about twice a week to drop things off. I am sure it makes a difference if family is involved and present. My mom gets a phone call every other day about how my aunt is doing. The biggest things so far were a report of a fall, and a report that she was being rude to her roommate and not sharing her candy!

My big job of the day was cleaning some boxes out of the garage. My dad had been saving shipping boxes for a long time. They were taking over the garage. We moved our riding mower out, and started taking it apart so it can be cleaned and fixed. I will probably be helping my dad with it over the next week. I am the only one who can work with him without getting mad! My dad is a big perfectionist, and things generally take at least four times as long for him to do than they probably should. I hope I learn something from all this so I can at least be familiar enough with lawnmower mechanics to make routine repairs to it.

Here are a few things that made me smile today, maybe even laugh a little…

Here are a couple things that might have been more funny if it weren’t for the truth in them…

(The sock mask is a good idea)

Here is the Dear Heart flower of the day…

Stay well, stay home if you can, and support your local businesses!


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