Quarantine Day 42

I can’t believe it has been 42 days! Our state started opening back up today with restaurant dining rooms opening at 50% capacity and no more than six to a group. I drove by a restaurant on my way to the grocery store and saw the people dining. There is no six foot social distancing while sitting with a group at a table. As I made my way to the grocery store, I noticed that no one was wearing masks. When I went in, it was apparent that people have abandoned all of the cdc guidelines. There was only one other person in the store with a mask on. Even the employees weren’t wearing one. I hope our county remains on the very low end of COVID-19 cases.

I got a lot of my school work done today. It will be a busy two weeks full of meetings and computer work. Once I get through that, I will start some home painting projects.

In our multi-generational home, I see that my parents really do need support. Both of them have short term memory loss and hearing loss (of course they don’t want to wear hearing aids). My mom is having a hard time following a conversation. It is like she is not making connections. She is also having trouble keeping up with her pills, which results in me being sent out to pick up medication that isn’t there. It won’t be long before I need to start helping her with them. I have been helping my dad. He nearly died a couple years ago when he was accidentally overdosing on one of his medications. We had a home health nurse for a while after that, but after so long, it wasn’t approved anymore. We sort about 1000 pills, once a month. We have it down to a science now.

My brain is tired, my soul is restless….

Stay well, and show kindness to another…


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