Quarantine Day 43

Day 43… my mom is starting to get an infection that is not good for her sweet age of 77. She does not want to go to a doctor. I am doing my best to make sure she drinks and eats to stay hydrated. I will go against her wishes and call her doctor. The prospect of her needing a hospital right now is terrifying.

My work decided today that we will all need to work the week of May 11th. We must work a four hour shift each day, or use a sick day. I feel ok about going in for a half day to lock myself into my classroom and get it cleaned up for the summer, but that’s about it. I have a feeling that money is the underlying root of this request. In my opinion, volunteers should have been requested before making everyone take the risk. However, if they did that, they couldn’t force everyone to use their sick days. So if an employee is immune compromised or otherwise in a high risk group or caring for those in a high risk group, we must now pay. I can’t wait until I can retire! I really love my job, but it is almost time to change.

I had a zoom meeting today for work, and did some emailing. I ran essential errands to pick up medicine for my mom and deliver things to my aunt at the nursing home. I noticed today that people at the pharmacy are still using cdc guidelines. However, the fast food places have now stopped wearing masks and gloves.

I think part of the mindset in my county is because the social distancing worked. Everyone was really prepared for the worst. Hospitals were on edge, waiting for the rush of COVID-19 patients. Our hospital was not overwhelmed…. not even close. It is much like the boy who cried wolf. Now the people doubt that the wolf is as harmful as portrayed. I know the wolf is still there, waiting for the right moment to attack when no one is looking. My anxiety is kicking back in, waiting for the outbreak.

I found something today that made me laugh a little…it is a sign to put on the door of the new home work areas….

Here are the Dear Heart flowers for today…

Stay well, social distance, and show kindness….


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