Quarantine Day 44

Day 44…..I saw this sign on my journey to pick up my groceries curbside today. I had Little AoA with me for the ride, and we started a little game where we count the people with and without masks on, going into stores. We counted less than half with masks. Our state allowed dine in restaurants to open Monday, and today, non-essential stores could open. Just for curiosity, we drove be the Hobby Lobby.

It looked like the Christmas rush!

I had a very busy morning, doing zoom meetings and making phone calls. Then I did a little cleaning before it was time to go on the grocery pick up.

Little AoA and I had some fun playing around with a new Bluetooth camera switch. It was really cute when she discovered how it worked. She just laughed and laughed! Here is a picture of us she took…

Little AoA and I did a couple of brain teasing puzzles in the evening, and planned the next day. I was suppose to have read a book for a work book study that starts tomorrow. I only got through the first chapter. I tried to read many times, and I see that when I want to read, others want to talk. It will be ok, because the reading is not mandatory for the class.

Just when we turned out the lights to go to bed….

My mom fell and couldn’t get up! This is about the third time in a month that this has happened. She has no strength to position herself or pull herself up when holding onto something. My dad and I ended up having to lift her onto her bed. We put a walker next to her bed to aid her if she tries to walk anywhere. The thoughts that went through my mind were of having to take my mom to the hospital at this time. She would not do well with that.

On to a lighter subject…things that I may have laughed at today!

Here are the Dear Heart flowers for today…

Stay well, and show kindness to someone….


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