Quarantine Day 46

Day 46 is in the books. Our county opened gyms today, retail two days ago, and dining in restaurants 5 days ago. Less than half the people are taking precautions of wearing masks and social distancing. My school system has called teachers in to work for one week, even though the guidelines still call for working from home if you can. That is a bit irritating for me, since I have been working from home scheduling meetings, writing reports, and holding virtual meetings. If I don’t return for the demanded week, I have to use the family medical leave act for COVID-19, which allows us to take up to 12 weeks off while reviving 2/3 of our regular pay. This can be used for my situation, because I care for my dad in my home, and he is extremely high risk. I have figured out a way to go into work for the upcoming wrongful demand week. I will save my family leave time for the fall, just in case they have school starting with COVID-19 cases still not under control.

I spent a good deal of my day worrying about this. I called some work friends, my immediate supervisor, and the state COVID-19 hotline. When I finished worrying, I helped my dad work on our lawnmower. I am really good at handing him tools.

Little AoA and I had our mom and daughter time in the evening. She worked on her doll rooms. Here is one she fixed up today with a “Depression Era” theme. She put pictures of Amelia Earhart in the doll’s room.

Something I saw today that made me smile, was little crochet couches for cats. It really made me want a cat…

Here is the Dear Heart flower for the day…

Stay well, think social safety, and show kindness….


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