Quarantine Day 53

Day 53…… I missed writing the last couple of days. I had spread myself too thin. I had signed up for a group book study with some other teachers. The schedule was fine when I signed up for it several weeks ago. It was to meet on four different mornings for two to three hours each time. That wasn’t going to be difficult…until special education teachers got word that we would need to hold ALL of our meetings virtually, preferably during the first week of May. I had twelve meetings to squeeze in. I was working into the nights on the computer, while still fitting in basic parenting. Today was my last day of meetings!

The last two days I have had a sore throat and headache. This is not a good time to get sick. We have had strange weather this week, from nice and warm to cold and damp. I am thinking that has made me ill, but there is that question in the back of my mind. I am suppose to go into the school building in three days. We were all told to stay home if we have any of the COVID-19 symptoms. The thing is, I don’t have a fever, and I wouldn’t normally stay home with these symptoms. Wrapping my mind around this new normal is challenging around every corner.

Here are some things that have made me smile over the past couple days…

Nurse Appreciation Week

My school people put this bitmoji sign together. Everyone sent in their bitmoji. I guess it’s our “virtual school” reminder!

Here is the Dear Heart flower for today…

Stay well, find joy, and show kindness!


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