The Plan is to Pivot?

I can’t believe we are three weeks from teachers’ return to the public schools! The schools are starting to put out their plans for returning. Each school has its own plan. Masks? Wear them if you want to…..

To say the least, I am already concerned. I go to seven different schools each week. I look forward to seeing the plans for all of the schools, so that I can begin the logistics! I only see 1-5 students at a time, so I really am at less risk than if I was in one room all day with a large group. I imagine there will be some bullying around the masks….perhaps a time to re-write “The Sneetches”! I, for one, will be wearing a mask….or working from home….or using the family leave act in order to protect my at-very-high-risk parents who live with me. Our home is not really designed for easy social distancing like some. The covid 19 cases are just going up exponentially now in our state of Tennessee.

On the topic of multi-generational living, it has become quite the full time event for me since COVID-19 entered the picture. My mom has been more confused, and short term memory is failing. I started a long awaited project with her, cleaning out her storage shed. We have spent a full two weeks dragging out each and every box to look through. She was in heaven, recalling a lifetime of memories. She LOVES her books and craft supplies!

Those protective pets can be something! I don’t have any pets during this life chapter, but I love animals. Little AoA is terrified of animals, which doesn’t really make sense since she had been around animals as a young child. We lived on a farm with dogs, cats, rabbits, chickens, goats, and cows!

Pen Pals is a returning thing, and it makes me happy! As a child, I have the best memories of having up to about twelve pen-pals at one time. Little AoA has started writing to pen-pals, and she is super excited every time she receives a letter. She writes back within a day or two, and always adds a special treat to her letters. It could be a picture, a sticker, or something she makes. Her pen-pals do the same thing, and it’s so stinkin’ cute! I saw the above picture on a social media site, and immediately sent it to my daughter who works in a local nursing home. Residents have not had visitors for the last four months. I know that we are getting lonely for people in my home, and we are pretty introverted. I am in the mental creation stage of building a pen-pal group to try to nurture a love for written communication. Hopefully, I will find the energy to follow through!


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