Who’s Going To Do That?

Our kids are set to return to school on August 3rd! Of course, this could change at any time. The only thing we really know is that each school is being given a thermometer gun for each 40 kids. One school I serve at is providing face shields for anyone who wants one. Do you know what I want? Lysol wipes! They can’t be found at any local stores. Heck, I will take disinfectant and paper towels! Since I travel to different schools, and use random rooms, they are usually not on the “cleaning rotation”. If high touch surfaces are to be cleaned, I will need to do it.

No one will be required to wear a mask, but they can if they want to. Kids will be on buses together before their temperatures have been checked- that happens once they get to school. Parents can either send their kids to school, or keep them at home with virtual lessons. Recess will be a free for all, and we aren’t going to clean playground equipment. Lunch schedules will allow for 50% capacity in the cafeteria. There will be no shared supplies.

Some counties will start the school year 100% remotely, and some will be in person. It depends on the COVID-19 situation. If a teacher happens to develop symptoms, he or she will have to stay home. There is a huge shortage of substitute teachers already. Schools will pull assistants to fill in the gap. If a student displays symptoms, they go to the office. I will just say right here, that when kids get sick at school, they just start dropping like flies. Regular viruses can take out a third of a class in the course of a day or two. Now we won’t know if it is Covid-19. I really don’t see that anyone has thought through logistics….if ONE person in a classroom is sent home with symptoms, and they go get a Covid-19 test….it may be 5 days before they get results. What does the rest of the class do while waiting to learn if they have all been exposed to COVID-19 or just a seasonal cold?

I think I am pretty vigilant about physical distance, surface touching, and all the things we are suppose to do to mitigate. However, distancing while working with little kids just doesn’t come natural. I know it will be really tough for those who teach our youngest friends, because it is not developmentally appropriate. I do know that our teachers will do their BEST to meet the needs of all students AND stay safe.

Since our schools open very early in August, we will be the test ground. There is no protocol for regular testing of teachers, so it has the potential to run into chaos. I personally, have gotten a test about once every 3-4 weeks, which is about how frequently I exhibit symptoms of something (allergies?). I try to distance from my parents in our house, but they forget, and come a little too far into my zone. We will keep moving forward and stay vigilant!

How are schools opening where you are?


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