4 Days- Countdown to Re-entry

The countdown to return to work continues. I am a public school teacher in Middle Tennessee. Our state is quickly moving up the worldometer COVID-19 tracker. Over the course of about a week, our state moved from 17th to 14th. All of the counties in our state had to submit a “continuous learning plan” this week. This plan was to address how school will be handled this year. The plan in my county is to provide choice to parents. They can send their kids to school (masks not required), or select remote learning.

That is the meat of the plan! The individual school plans I have seen so far, call for daily temperature checks and screening questions of everyone who enters the building. We are to “encourage” hand washing, and distance kids as much as we can. Teachers are to sanitize high touch areas throughout the day. If a teacher or student has symptoms, they are sent home. I need to note here that the guidance ends with a vague statement. How long do we stay home? A student is one thing, but if a teacher is sent home, who will take the students? There is already a severe shortage of substitute teachers!

Our school board is suppose to meet tomorrow night to address some of the questions. They have already said that there won’t be answers, and that they are just opening the conversation. I am not a doctor or lawyer, but it seems that if there isn’t more to the county’s plan than this, it is not time to return all the kids to school in person. Testing and tracing is lagging here, taking 7-10 days to get test results back for Covid-19. There is no disinfectant to be found in local stores, so even if we (teachers) wanted to provide our own supplies, they can not be found! There are so many safety issues that have not been addressed, that it is embarrassing. I love my job, my schools, and the people I work with. My heart hurts to know where this is headed. I really feel like my particular job is potentially much safer than that of some of my friends.

I saw this decision guide today, and it might help some families make some decisions. As both a public school teacher and homeschooling parent, I know the struggle. While I love both, I realize that I need support for some aspects of homeschooling. It isn’t as simple as buying a cute curriculum and joyfully sitting with your child in a “homeschool” class. I wish it worked as simply as that! The best support we have found is having a tutor. I will be writing about this soon. There are private hybrid schools and co-ops that may work, depending on the students and teachers. For us, a one on one tutor is what was needed, and even with that, finding a tutor who connects well with the child is even more important than the content being taught.

I like to think that there is no need to worry. I usually let most everything roll right away without triggering anxiety. In this case, I haven’t been able to do that. I don’t want to see anyone suffer needlessly in our schools because of the reactive rather than proactive plan from our leaders.

Stay safe!


10 thoughts on “4 Days- Countdown to Re-entry

  1. Sounds like a plan to me!!!!!! HAHAHA!!! What a crock! Same shit here, Dallas can’t make up it’s mind. the Health Director finally stepped in and no school till after September 7th, but we know that date won’t stick. Tarrant caounty, one large county over is starting in school learning on August 17th. I would not want my kid, or my friend, YOU, to have to go intoa school right now. You are the main CAREGIVER of four family members how can’t fend for themselves. And you daughter is a person you need to stay away from because of her risk. She can’t help
    much. I don’t think I camled any nerves. Sorry. 😦

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    1. I have my own personal COVID-19 plan😉 I just ordered my own half gallon of sanitizer from a nearby distillery. I have a wardrobe of masks and a face shield. The only thing I feel like I’m missing is a portable plexiglass tabletop set up for when I need to do one on one testing. It looks like most of my students to start with, are the under 10 year olds. Kids won’t come until August 10th, so that buys us a little more time. The school where I have my “office” moved my room to a remote part of the school near an outside door so that I wouldn’t have to be near the large groups- they know my situation. It really sucks for sure! It looked like Texas is doing worse than Tennessee, but we aren’t far behind, with 2000 cases a day!

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      1. That is worse than Dallas! We hit under 1000 a day for two days. I haven’t heard the news today but hopefully it’s getting better. I’m disappointed with our Govenor and will remember that when time to vote. 🙂

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      2. I think your governor and mine are on the same page🙄 Our county mayor says DAILY ,”If you are scared, wear a mask”. Well, I wear one whenever I go shopping or in any building, so I guess I’m “scared”.🤷🏻‍♀️

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      3. It’s very scary, and even if Trump is my President, he’s an idot and has not gotten on board with taking resposibility for COVID. If he wants to be a WAR TIME President then he needs to start acting like one!

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    2. My daughter’s workplace was finally COVID-19 free…..last week. Today they sent two workers home with fevers🙁 At least they are more on top of it than our schools will be! The nursing home tests employees once a week. No testing for teachers!

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      1. Tha’ts what realy bunrs me up!!!!! Exposing techers and their families to all these kids who come such different ackground and who knows what types of measures taken to prevent the virus. After learning more about the virus last week form a vidoe my Lyme docotr did on YouTube, I’m even more concerned. David told me to stop going out ot get the mail! With this last immune disorder, my body isn’t making antibodies properly and I’m very high risk. Thank GOD I don’t have to get out much. Sending love and my wishes for all the best. Take extra good care, sesitive care of your skin, your face will need it wearing the ppe gear. 🙂

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      2. I predict we won’t be in person long….and my face is really breaking out from the mask along with the intense heat and of course, working in the yard and garage. I’m open for skin care suggestions🙂

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      3. Don’t waer make-up is my biggest one! Second is to wash twice a day or use towlettes to clean face. Use a sesative skin toner once a day and a gentle scrub once a week. Gentle these days is probalb yenough with a washcloth. I use all vegan, paraban free and if possible sulfate free products. My skin is so sensitive. I also use a serum at night vs a mosterizer. Hope something helps. Keep your face/pores are clean as possible. Find an ointment that doesn’t brack you out to cover hot spots from the mask and head gear.

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