The Vote Against Masks

Everyone needs to wash their hands, because our school board voted tonight, not to require students or teachers to wear masks at school! Correct me if I’m wrong- I am not a doctor… but I thought we knew our special virus was airborne. Three school board members, the school attorney, and superintendent (he is BRAND NEW) wanted a mask mandate. On one side, there are pregnant teachers being told by their doctors, not to return to the classroom unless everyone is wearing masks. Teachers will be in and out of quarantine, and at home with Covid symptoms. On the other side are parents who don’t want their kids to have to wear a mask, and community leaders promoting their right to not wear one if they don’t want to.

I met with my teaching team at school today, and we all realize that everything may change from week to week. It won’t take long before chaos ensues. Everyone is prepared to hit the ground running in order to get as much done as possible before the schools have to shut down for in person learning. We have the data….we have the science…we have the recommendations from our president’s task force…still our school system does not bend. We are jumping right into the fire of being a national “experiment”.

I love my job, but I also love my health and the health of my family members who are living on borrowed time as it is. I am going to do my best to distance. My largest group is three kids, so that is a plus. My heart goes out to the teachers who will have mostly full classrooms. I look around my teaching world, and notice that a very large percentage of us are overweight, putting us in a risk category for more than mild symptoms. Then I look at a school board that does not have our best interest in mind. That hurts….


4 thoughts on “The Vote Against Masks

  1. Schools boards all around Dallas are bickering on how to open. I was shocked and angry that some mother’s in my city marched to get schools to open sooner than scheduled! What in the hell is wrong with them! Teach your kids at home!

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  2. You are right to be worried. Even WITH masks, the airborne virus can travel and enter through the eyes. To not have masks is to invite disaster. Imagine if the Grade 2 teacher caught COVID and died, and it was clear she caught it at school, and it was clear who she caught it from in her class. It’s not fair to put a school community of kids through stuff like that.

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    1. I agree! To add to it, our state legislature is meeting this week to discuss liability. It is looking like they will be protecting places that open against federal and state health guidelines. Our state is an “experiment”…..oh, and they are deeming school employees as “essential”, which means that the quarantine protocol goes out the window. No positive test= be at work! It is a disaster waiting to happen. Teachers are either scared, or think its an overblown hoax.


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