Open and Close!

School systems around us have been starting to open this week. Many are having to close and switch to all remote learning within days, due to transmission of Covid-19. A six year old child in our state died today from Covid-19. Kids are showing up to school with it. Schools in my county open in 5 days!

All of the teachers in the middle school where I work, took a tour of our school to check out each other’s rooms. I stopped to chat with a few teachers. One teacher has a class roster with 33 kids on it! The rooms in our school are barely big enough to hold that many desks…there is no way to distance them even 3 feet, much less 6 feet. Did I mention that masks are optional? I feel like our school board has lied to the community, telling people that they would make their BEST EFFORT to provide a safe environment.

The “no mask” people won. Masks are not required. The “open the schools” people won. Schools are opening for in person learning. Now I wish the bickering would stop. The experts have put forth data. The families have been given a choice. Teachers haven’t been given a voice in any of this. We are public servants, and right now that is exactly what it feels like to be a teacher. We will rise to the occasion as we always do, because we love what we do. We care about the education and general well being of our students.


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