Mask Up And Go In!

Today was our first day of school with kids. It went very smoothly at my school, mostly because our administrators are logistics superstars! Classes on my side of the building, with 5th and 6th grade, were at a little less than half capacity. The kids were mostly not wearing masks in the classroom, and neither were some teachers. Everyone was encouraged to wear them in the hallways, but they weren’t required to.

The big kicker was tonight…I was checking on one of my dear work friends to see how her day went. She went home and spiked a fever of 103! now I can panic! I have been around my friend plenty over the last two weeks! I always had my mask on and stayed a good distance from her. Still, this is a bit too close! She is going to get tested tomorrow. My AoA teen is insisting that I get tested tomorrow as well. The AoA kids biggest fear is that I will die while they are under 18, and they would be sent to their abuser of ten years. This fear is disabling my teen.

To add the cherry on top, today our county teachers were declared “essential workers”, which means that we now must mask up and go to work, even if we have been exposed! We are only to take a quarantine if we have symptoms. This is not going to end well, I’m afraid.

I learned this week, that our county mayor, the one who is minimizing the pandemic and refusing to encourage masks; actually sends his kids to a very small private school. They are appropriately distanced in their small classes. I was blown away at my public middle school today, seeing a room packed full of big 8th grade students! Tell me it will all just go away!


3 thoughts on “Mask Up And Go In!

    1. Yep…and I just learned last night that the big mouth school board member who fought and won the “optional masks” is having his own kids do remote learning! It’s just crazy! I am on my lunch break right now, in a doctors office to get a covid test. This. Is. Crazy.

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