Let’s Do This!

Teachers in my county became “essential workers” last week. I learned today, that someone I was in a room with on Thursday, was actually contact traced or had a loved one at home with Covid. He was at work because that is what we were told to do. Luckily, we were both wearing masks, and we weren’t really interacting. I was in the room where he was doing paperwork. I was digging through file cabinets looking for a file. I have got to keep my guard up!

I start seeing my students in person tomorrow. I am excited to start seeing them again. We will be checking out all of the ins and outs of google classroom, and making sure the kids can get into everything. I am looking forward to playing some chess with my students, telling stories, and trying some trivia. One thing I love doing with kids, is genius hour/passion projects. I usually pick a passion project for myself right along with the kids. I have started trying out some new crafts. I want to learn to make a friendship bracelet design with heart shapes woven in. I started learning it, and got frustrated. I then got really discouraged when the instructions said it could take 3 hours! I found another pattern that said it took 20 minutes, so I might just back up and start with that one. This could be something that my students might enjoy too. I am always amazed to see the kids that seem to have natural abilities to do new things. Some always end up like me….frustrated.

I hope your week gets off to a good start!


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