Scary Stuff

It is that time of year…time for some creepy decorating! For some reason, the skeletons make me laugh! I think it is because we are so lonely here, that we just want company!

The covid numbers are far too high here. Our little state just moved up to 8th in the country, with cases of covid. Our local nursing home, which just started allowing visitors last week, has had to lock down again because of the very high positivity rate. Luckily, my mom got in one visit with her sister (who lives at the nursing home). They hadn’t seen each other in person since March!

This van was in a school parking lot today, right next to me! My heart just sinks at messages like this. We, teachers are essential workers now. We risk our health, and our families, to go into the schools and provide (childcare) education. Contact tracing is about the only safety precaution that is being taken. There is no mask mandate. Classes are not at lower capacity or socially distanced. Our community wanted “normal”, and they got it. The price is that people get sick.

Today, I learned that one of my students was sent home yesterday to quarantine. All we learn when sent home, is that a student was exposed to a positive covid case. I was able to connect with my student today, and learned that the exposure was last Thursday.

Here is the thing that makes no sense…we had a teacher test positive, and about three assistants were exposed. All of her students were sent home to quarantine, but the exposed assistants were used as substitute teachers in other classrooms all over the school! This is because they are essential!

Schools are not the same as hospitals or grocery stores. We do not have even as many precautions in place as the cashiers at the grocery store!

Enough of my venting…I am fatigued from holding my breath, hoping that no one in my schools gets sick or dies; or becomes disconnected and depressed. Our school system has seen three deaths now, since August. One from covid, one student from suicide, and as of today we have lost a public high school student in a car accident.

We can do better.

We MUST do better.


8 thoughts on “Scary Stuff

  1. Make sure to vote the people out of office when their time rolls around! this is a disater. I think about you often and worry about your stress level. Make sure you take some short breaks for yourself. I know it’s hard but you need to focus on your mental health too. Hugs.

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    1. I’m planning to take off some mental health days in the next few weeks. I love my work and students so much, but the stress level from always wondering if today is the day I bring home a virus that will most likely kill my parents, is crippling…..

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      1. It gets closer and closer everyday. This Wednesday, one of my students was quarantined. Today I was suppose to have a meeting- it was rescheduled, but I learned that the family has a positive covid. WAY too close!

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