Holiday Time in My Corner

The holiday season may be a little tangled this year, but there is still JOY! I just worked a full week in person, for the first time in over a month! Unfortunately, that may have been the last full week for a while. It looks like our whole county will be remote schooling by the middle of this week. Our covid transmission rate is 26%. The recommended level for schools to safely be open, is 5%. A teacher in a neighboring county, just died from Covid-19. I had a lot of hope for the vaccine, until the warnings came out for people who have had anaphylactic reactions….that would be me. I would feel safer, even if my parents could get the vaccine. At least then, if I do contract it, I wouldn’t have to worry as much about giving it to my parents.

Little AoA wanted to learn about Hanukkah this year. One of her pen-pals celebrates both Christmas and Hanukkah. She had learned about holidays around the world, but actually knowing someone who celebrates one of them makes it personal. American Girl dolls has Rebekah, who is Jewish. Little AoA has been enjoying setting her doll up for the special celebration.

Shopping for the holidays can be a bit stressful….and then I run into these great Barbies! I laughed so hard! I grew up with Barbie, making whole towns with them. These new Barbies are definitely “EXTRA”! I’m really glad that Little AoA is into the larger, 18 inch dolls, as they are a lot easier to dress and sew for.

This is our tree for this year. It is pretty minimal, but just enough. I love the Dr. Fauci ornament! I also made some garland out of leftover mask material. I really love the holiday season, especially the lights!

It takes much more effort than it should to feel the joy of the season this year. So many people are dying….so many lives cut short. Here we are, less than two weeks from Christmas, and my nurse daughter was just exposed for a very long period of time, to a positive covid case. Her daughter (my granddaughter) has been staying with her other grandparents while her mom works. Now, they won’t be able to be together for Christmas…..All of the people who help care for my granddaughter, have older, health compromised relatives living with them.

What brings you joy during this season?


2 thoughts on “Holiday Time in My Corner

  1. Knowing people like Fauci are at the helm and light is at the end of the tunnel. I think it’s great she wants to learn about other religions, I did the same and still do to an extent. I find it interesting and it can help you learn more about another country when you are planning to travel or just for the heck of it. I oddly enough wrote my Sr. English paper on the Muslim religion, little did I know years later it would play such a prominent role our my life. What most people don’t realize it that the Muslims think Jesus was a prophet, they hold Moses, Mary and Abraham is very high regards. Actually one of their biggest holidays surrounds Abraham. I don’t remember the story but i think it’s around his death. They only hate Chritians so much becasue we attacked them first 2000 years ago. Of course terrorist use Jihad as the excuse but Jihad was not meant for how the terrorists are using it. Jihad was meant for self protection if your life was threatened. I’ve spent a bit of time reading the Quran trying to better understand the distrust. Boy, i went off there didn’t I.

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