Is January the Preview?

Although I entered 2021 very carefully, and continue to tiptoe around, the unbelievable just keeps coming. Perhaps most unbelievable in my world, is that the dad has just submitted his intent to represent himself in a court case that he initiated against me in 2018. He has been through nearly 10 different attorneys since our divorce 8 years ago. I have become numb to the threats now, and just get sad that the hate toward me has continued to be stronger than love for the kids. There is nothing that I can do, as the dad is the one who needs to initiate visits at the visit center. Rather than do that, he has just refused to visit…..and then complains that he doesn’t see the kids. The holidays just came and went- no card, no gift, heck- he skipped the small amount of child support for December too! I have for the most part, had to let go of the emotions that at one time occupied my spirit.

On a better note, we finally had some beautiful snow here in Tennessee! Here are some snow views from my yard!

On yet another positive note, my teenager has started emerging into the world! AoA teen rediscovered the camera, and started carrying it everywhere, and capturing some beautiful images! I knew this was a gift, but my teen doesn’t really embrace it or think it is special.

Little AoA has been spending time playing with stop motion, using her dolls. It is such a delight to have both kids enjoying learning new things! This was a big hope for homeschooling. It took about a year before the kids felt the freedom they had in learning. As a public school teacher, it has long been obvious to me that kids aren’t really taught to love learning, or given choices about what they learn. This became very real when I watched my own kids completely lost and unable to drive their own learning in areas of interest.


3 thoughts on “Is January the Preview?

  1. Sad to see that you have to face a war on the domestic front as well as the COVID idiocy at school.
    My wife has a similar reprobate as an ex who has paid no child support for his 5 children and then created a 6th child with a 25 year old as though he could afford the other 5.
    After living in poverty for years, supporting 5 children on a teacher’s salary, Colleen’s appeals to the justice system at maintenance court were fruitless and ended in the embarrassment of her ex parents-in-law being grilled in court for their loot, which was unfair.
    Here are her musings about education etc, if you’re interested.
    Have a good 2021, despite everything.

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    1. I just followed your wife on WordPress. It sounds like we have some things in common. We live on my teacher’s salary, which is just enough to pay the bills. My parents live with me and my two youngest kids, and one of my adult children lives in a tiny house in our backyard. Sadly, the only time my ex has paid child support, has been when he wanted to take me to court for custody. He hasn’t seen either of his kids for almost a full year now, because he refuses to do the court appointed supervised visits at a visit center. The kids have pretty much let go of any hope of having a typical relationship with him. Thank you for suggesting your wife’s blog!


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