Where Have I Been?

I have been missing from my blog for quite some time. After a month of my mom being in the hospital in a touch and go situation, I herniated a disc in my back. Further investigation revealed that I had actually fractured my back on top of the disc situation. I went on disability leave from work, and spent about a month doing very little, while I waited for surgery day.

Surgery was on June 17th, and everything went well. It was a very invasive surgery, leaving about a 12 inch scar down my back. It involved a plate, screws, and a bone graft…..and lots of pain medication. I have weaned myself from the heavy pain medication, but I am sure not back to my pre-accident level of activity!

As soon as I was released to drive, I took Little AoA (not so little anymore) to Loretta Lynn’s Ranch, where we attended a concert with Tayla Lynn, Loretta Lynn’s granddaughter. It isn’t far from where we live, but I anticipated it being a lot for me, so we booked a hotel room for the night. I packed up my walker and cane, and hobbled myself to the fun! We had a really nice time!

Little AoA and Tayla (and her doll is also Tayla)

Little AoA was so excited! She had written letters for Loretta and Tayla, and made stickers for Tayla’s little boys. She also had pictures and a CD ready to be autographed!

I was planning on having knee replacement surgery this summer as well, but insurance took so long to approve the first surgery, that it didn’t leave me enough time for it. I will be hobbling along for several months at work, until the next school break season comes along in the late fall.

I have said for many years that we are all just an accident or illness away from being disabled. How true that has been….with one fall, I became a person with physical limitations, unable to navigate day to day activities without modification or help. My heart goes out to all those who live with physical disabilities. They are true super heroes!


4 thoughts on “Where Have I Been?

  1. I’ve been thinking aout you and wondering how things were going. Since I hhadn’t heard I figured you were busy. I was right. I had my left knee replaced three weeks ago and do the recovery period now. Take care So glad it wasn’t worse.

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    1. Oh wow! Knee replacement recovery is tough….had my right one done a few years ago- now I need my left. I thought I could do the back surgery and then knee just a month later, but my spirit is pretty weak. I remember knee recovery, the PT said I was doing great and didn’t need them anymore, and I was not near where I wanted to be- it took about 6 months to get to a “slow normal”. Take care❤️

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      1. I do my own PT because I’m not going to drive somewhere to show me wha they can tell me to do at home. I did my right knee without any problems. It’s going ok, it’s only been three weeks. Take care.

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