Here We Go Again

School has been back in session for a month, and here I am in bed and missing work, with covid symptoms. Last week, I spent almost the entire school day with one of my students. He has a substitute for about 3 hours of the day, and I have been letting him have a break from that environment once a week. Yes, there has not been a teacher for a month. The teacher shortage is real. That night, I received a text from his mother, that he just tested positive for covid.

Our way of handling this now, is to not talk about it. There is no contact tracing, no warnings….Had the parent not contacted me, I may have unknowingly passed it on to my mom or her helper! I really appreciated the warning, and having the ability to make an informed decision.

I have already taken three home tests, and all were negative. I felt lousy on only one of the first five days, and could only hope that my body was doing its thing, and fighting off any virus. Then we came to day 5. I couldn’t breath during the night, and woke up with a severe headache. I am going to the doctor in a couple hours, to get a more accurate test. I hope it is negative, and just a random virus or something. My family is not good at quarantining. I feel like a kid who has been grounded.

We have so many fun things coming up…I do not have time for illness.

On a fun note, here is a picture of our town square last week. A Christmas movie was being filmed there (the second time this year). They put down fake snow, and decorate for Christmas. This movie featured Reese Witherspoon.


8 thoughts on “Here We Go Again

    1. I ended up testing positive🙁 This could have very likely been avoided with minimal effort of contact tracing. If that parent hadn’t let me know, I would be here exposing my mom, going to work exposing other kids and families….talk about being made to feel disposable🥺


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