Forging a New Path

I have been feeling a pull to step out of my comfort zone a little bit, and pursue a goal I have had since I was in my twenties. I always knew that I wanted to work in the education field, but I have had a passion to support homeschool families. I’m not quitting my regular job, teaching in our public school system. I will just be offering some services for homeschooling families, specifically, LGBTQ+ families and Allies.

I wish I had a partner to work with, as it would be great to have help with branding and marketing. Until someone comes along, I guess Little AoA will just have to help me with some of it. I am amazed at how intuitive today’s kids are with social media.

Education today, continues to try the “one size fits all” model. It has improved some, through the years, but there are still kids with such unique needs, that the best we can do is to make sure that all kids are allowed to attend public school. They are pulled along, and given the grades needed to pass. Hopefully, teachers along the way have made sure that their students can master the minimum level of skills needed to have some level of independence beyond high school.

I look at my own kiddos, now 14 and 16. They did not fit the public school mold, at all. Their mental health was interfering with their learning, among other things. Taking time to decompress from public school, gave them time to re-ignite a passion for learning.

I have been giving a lot of thought to my passions and skill set. I feel like there is a need, but my niche will be very specific, so I am not expecting to be overwhelmed with people. Providing a safe and affirming space for families, is very important to me. As a mom to a transgender teenager, I know all too well, how difficult it is to find safe and affirming services of any kind. From the person who does hair, to shopping, to socializing. There is always that risk of someone being mean when they see my 6 foot tall, purple haired, deep voice girl! The interesting thing is, being autistic, she often doesn’t pick up on social cues. It takes many interactions over time, for her to start to process that people are being mean or rude.

I want families like mine to know that they are loved…exactly as they are! There is a place in this world for each of us, bringing our unique gifts, talents, and passions to the table.


18 thoughts on “Forging a New Path

      1. She goes by the name Hazel, or Haze. She is in the best place, mentally, that I have ever seen her. Weekly therapy has been happening for a full two years with the same therapist- I believe that has made all the difference.

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      2. We started homeschooling a couple years before she came out. She was being called “fag” and “gay”, and pushed around starting in 3rd grade. She is socially presenting female in the community- no issues…at least no one has directly confronted her. Our schools are still a bit hostile toward our lgbtq kiddos, sadly.

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      3. The final lawsuit came to an end in February. The dad was ordered to pay all my attorney fees, and found in contempt. He was warned to pay the nominal child support every month. I ended up putting a lien on his farm- I’m sure he has no plans of following the judge’s order. Any visits must be approved by the kids therapists at this point- and supervised in a center that is over an hour away from us. He made a big deal about how his anxiety is too bad to drive (yet he can drive a trailer full of cattle that far🙄).

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      4. My dad had filled that space, but since he passed away last year, it has been empty. I have male friends who fill the void a little. Little AoA misses a dad figure the most- Haze doesn’t connect well with men at all.

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