Please Don’t Take My Freedom

Voting day is tomorrow. It is mid-term elections, which many don’t see as critical, but this time, much of our freedom is riding on the outcome. At 56 years old, I have lived my life enjoying so many freedoms that those in the generation before me, fought for me to have.

I have never had to worry about the government telling me what I could and couldn’t do regarding reproduction and contraception. I have always been able to read whatever I chose to read, and had access at the public library- uncensored. I remember when marriage equality was passed, and how happy I was that everyone was now free to marry their bonded loved one.

I can not, tried as I have, begin to understand how those who claim to stand for freedom and making America great, are for removing so many of our freedoms! They wanted bodily autonomy and freedom during the pandemic, but don’t want anyone else to have it regarding any other freedoms.

I am afraid for my children. I am afraid for my lgbtq+ friends and family. I am worried for the young women in poverty, who will have no reproductive choices or quality care for them and their children.

I don’t know how much more battling this warrior has left in her. There is so much hate and intolerance in the world now. I wasn’t raised this way. I didn’t see this coming until covid hit us in the face.

Did you see this coming? When did you see it coming with this intensity?


9 thoughts on “Please Don’t Take My Freedom

      1. I need lots of help today to restrain myself because I’m going thru withdrawal of a medication that has me totally jacked up along a host of other issues. I’m shacking that’s where I’m at in withdrawal, maybe 3 or 4 days, but it’s a neurological drug and may take much longer to get out of my system. I’m waiting to hear from my doctor. I have a sinking feeling as a country we are continuing to go backwards and it’s scary. We have to get rid of this extremism and find a moderate, sane person in the R party to run. I can’t even think about another term with Trump.


      2. I keep going through R that I am familiar with- hard to combat that extremism. My 16 year old thinks only Bernie could do it, but he’s D and extreme the other way. I mean just think of anyone- who, politician or not, could go toe to toe???

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      3. It is an American right to have an opinion, the problem Trump made it not ok, it’s black or white and I’m going to send my thugs after you if you don’t agree. I’m not a Dem but had to send a message that Trump is not for me. My state stayed Red so business as usual for Texas. Less women rights, less LBGQT rights, probably got the initials wrong and less and less gun control. It very frustrating and I hate to think about the people who voted for Walker is Georga? The guy can’t put a meaningful sentence together. We’ll keep fighting for our rights and moving forward. As I told someone today, much better to here than a country with total poverty and terrorist group running the government. Take care. I left a comment on her blog, did she mention it and does she realize who I am?


      4. My state stayed red too….only Nashville and Memphis go blue. Who am I kidding, thinking we will maintain our freedom? Our county is being taken over by extremists who have threatened to raise a militia against those who do not agree with them.
        I am tired. I just want to sit at home and crochet. Not much more fighting left in me…

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