Book Time!

I have set the goal. It is time to share my story in hard copy form. I feel like enough time has passed, and the kids are close enough to 18, that the dad would not have time to go through legal channels to try to hurt them.

The kids do not know every little detail yet, but they have figured out on their own, that the dad is mentally ill/personality disordered. They have used word like psychopath, sociopath, and abuser, to describe him. They have identified their own PTSD and triggers going specifically going back to things that happened with the dad. I did not have to ever say a negative word about him. When the kids started figuring it out, I validated their feelings and ideas.

I decided to use different names for everyone, and write under a pseudonym. With the dad still living and breathing in the same town as me, I think this is best. If I end up reprinting later, and he has passed away, I may come out of my closet.

I was really motivated when I saw someone doing a printing of the history of the road and area where the dad’s family settled. So many people were interested in that history, and think it is so special. My AoA kids are the last living direct descendants of that family tree. That family was about racism, abuse, narcissism, and hate. They would not lift a finger to help a stranger. They would not help anyone unless there was something BIG in it for them. They used people.

Now as for a title, I am a little stuck. I have always wanted the title to include “Army of Angels”, but it needs more…..

I looked back at all the blogging I have done since 2013, and I am so glad I documented so much in this way. This will help me remember the timeline of events much more clearly! Blogging is the best!

A sweet quote to end the evening…


4 thoughts on “Book Time!

    1. I got inspired when someone re-released a history of the area where the ex’s family settled. I kind of felt like a light needed to shine on the truth about the descendants of the family. The genealogy in the book stopped before I came along. It stopped on wife #1. I was #3. Which means my kids, the last of the direct descendants, aren’t acknowledged either. My little piece has added both biracial and transgender members to their racist clan😂


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