Enough…..You Win (for now)

Enough hate ……stop

Most of our southeastern states have now passed laws banning the medical affirming treatment of transgender youth. There is nowhere to go. Many families with transgender children are moving away. Parents and doctors no longer have the right to follow best practice guidelines from both the American Psychological Association and the American Academy of Pediatrics.

As an advocate, ally, and parent; I am at a loss. They won….I can’t believe that in my free America, hate won. Rights have been taken away, as our lawmakers seem to be seeking genocide of transgender persons. I’m sure they would argue that they are “protecting the children”. The truth is, many children will suffer. They know that they are being targeted- it is everywhere.

All of the laws our legislators can think of, will not change the fact that we have transgender youth and adults living in our states. They are here. Transgender families are here. You can accept diversity and inclusion, and embrace it; or you can try to dim the beautiful lights who are our transgender siblings.

I stay and I love……The AoA family will continue to reach out to help others who find themselves battling for freedom, seeking safety, and just wanting to be seen and accepted for exactly who they are.


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