7 Hours to Re-Entry

I am as ready as I can be for the re-entry into the schools tomorrow morning. We have two weeks to work on professional development to learn some new skills and prepare for the combination of in person and remote learning. Everyone will do an on site temperature check and COVID-19 checklist upon entry to the building. We then go to our own rooms and do our training together through zoom. Maybe we can stay distanced enough to prevent an outbreak before the kids even return to school!

This is today’s graph from just my county. We are one of a few counties where masks are not mandated. Because of this, people come here from neighboring counties (with higher numbers of the virus) to shop and be entertained. Our city mayor and his wife have just recovered from COVID-19, but he is not the one with authority to mandate anything. The person with the authority believes that everyone has their rights and choice. He encourages people to “wear a mask if you’re scared”. I’m scared….

I read a scenario today that sounded about right…A virus carrying student gets on the bus to go to school (buses won’t be socially distanced or wearing masks). Now everyone within 3-6 feet of that student was exposed during the 30 minute bus ride to school. Now those kids go into the school building, and go to six different classes (or more). Now we have six classes exposed. Now contact tracing reveals that several teachers have been exposed because they did small groups with the carriers. Now those teachers all have to quarantine for 10-14 days. Like I said, I predict the schools will be closed within the first two months. There weren’t enough substitute teachers even before COVID-19. I’m sure they’ll be knocking down the doors to teach in a room where the teacher was exposed! The school back up plan of splitting classes when teachers are absent, is not suppose to be done this year.

My personal plan is to not be within 6 feet of anybody without a mask on for more than a few seconds. The hardest part for me will be trying to stay clear of my parents when I am home. I tried to get all the little jobs they needed help with, done today. I have asked them to keep a running list of things they need me to do. My mom is notorious for trying to do things she shouldn’t be doing whenever I am not home. She falls and bruises very easily. Little AoA gets really nervous, and sometimes gets a little rude with grandma for trying to do things that could lead to an accident. We are working on being more gentle in our reactions to daredevil grandma!

The morning will come all too soon….


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