So Many Projects!

Finishing projects is a long-standing personal goal of mine….and one which I seldom meet. I think it started with learning new crafts at a young age. I remember when the world of “counted cross stitch” was introduced to me, and all of the magic that followed.

Today, my project ideas expand beyond arts and crafts. While my boxes of yarn wait to be crocheted into useful items, there also sits a basket full of items gathered for the local domestic violence center. Now that Brother is homeschooling, another layer is added- to find opportunities for him to engage in the community and his learning.

He seems to be gravitating towards suicide awareness and prevention right now. He has engaged in acts of self-harm, and experienced the darkness that comes on as anxiety, depression, and PTSD. He has observed and questioned as musical artists have taken their own lives. He has now been in groups with peers who have either attempted suicide, or expressed deep depression. I think Brother is taking little steps out of his own darkness now…through tons of therapy and support.

Brother recently experienced a conversation involving different points of view about suicide. He realized that some people have the belief that talking about suicide is glorifying it. Suicide actually ranks as the second or third leading cause of death among 15-24 year olds (depending on the study).

Do you have special passion projects? What inspired you?


3 thoughts on “So Many Projects!

  1. I’m glad to hear brother is making slow positive steps, pray in time he will fully participate his grief and anger with the group. Looking at -John 1:5, maybe he would feel comfortable making up sayings of his own just him or the two of you. I’ll email you.

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