Quarantine Day 47

Day 47…… our bird nest is now empty. It was quite a day. It started with picking up my truck from the shop after being fixed. After that, I did some computer work with my dad. While I was finishing up the computer work, my mom started stumbling over her own feet while walking. My dad yelled in fear and frustration. She fell two days ago, and I fear that she may have an illness. She refuses to go to the doctor. I made her an appointment, and she called behind me and cancelled it. My mom was insulted, and went to her bed, staying there sulking for a solid nine hours! She said she wanted to just give up. Thankfully, before I turned in for the night, she was returning to normal. I am trying to do my work from home, and it is going well. However, when I am focusing on my work at home, I am not taking care of the little household tasks that come up. I seek to find a balance.

Little AoA and I went for a drive today, just to get out of the house. We picked up a snack, and drove to the mall, where we just sat in the parking lot. Most of the stores in our mall are still closed. We played our new COVID-19 hunt, where we count people with and without masks on. There are more without than with.

The people are restless. Our state opened up this past week, and by the middle of this coming week, beauty shops and nail salons will open back up. There are guidelines in place, which seems to mostly consist of businesses putting up signs recommending six foot distancing and masks. Nothing I have seen was being enforced. I have seen people from my state posting on social media, pictures of them meeting with older family members and commenting how nice it is to see them again. My head spins in wonder at this. The pandemic is not over. Our at-risk citizens are at no less risk. They are, actually, more at risk now that everyone has relaxed mitigation measures. Nursing homes are still closed to visitors, for the safety of the residents. All of the educating that has been being done to encourage safe behaviors until the pandemic has run its course and come to an end one way or another, and people still choose to ignore.

I like following our state COVID-19 site. It amazes me that the powers that be claim that our state has had a 14 day decline in new cases, as recommended by the federal COVID-19 task force. They claim that there are other measures considered, but this is the only thing the public sees, as far as I have seen. Here is today’s graph of new cases…

I didn’t find much funny today…I tend to get a little down when I am worried about others in my home. I did find one little thing….

Here is a sweet little flower truck that operates in my little town….

Stay well, and show kindness to others….


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