Quarantine Day 50

Day 50….. we are getting back on track after our powerless stretch of time Sunday night. Today we tried to do a supervised phone visit between the kids and their dad. Both kids were very upset about it. The supervisor called me first, and heard me pleading with the kids to participate. In the end, I told her I would have the kids write notes for her to give their dad. We are going to try again next week, and hope that the kids were just overwhelmed from the storms. Honestly, the 14 year old wants nothing to do with the dad. I was worried this might happen when the dad interfered in teen’s therapy.

When I went out to gather food and medication today, I noticed only about 10% of people are now wearing masks. It looks like some are attempting to social distance, but more like three feet than six feet. I took a picture of a parking lot that is usually empty…

I’ve never seen so many cars in this shopping center.

Our county has had a total of 50 COVID-19 cases. The citizens are ready to sacrifice the elderly and immune compromised, in order to bring the economy back to life. The leaders here are promoting free choice as to whether individuals choose to follow cdc guidelines. I love our freedom, but with freedom comes responsibility. It seems people want the freedom without taking responsibility.

I have one thing to share, Maslow’s Heirarchy of Needs. I based my personal educational philosophy on this…

Stay well, and show kindness to others….


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