Mass Confusion and Frequent Pivoting

Here in my county in Tennessee, we have just completed two weeks of school with kids in person. Our state seems to be in complete denial that the pandemic is serious. Our state sat at 17th most cases in the country not so long ago. The cases have not been decreasing here, and we have now made our way to the number ten spot in the number of cases. I watched our school board meeting this week, as they talked about “how well” things are going. Our schools opened in person for anyone who chose it. Those who preferred, could choose remote learning. There is no mask mandate, everyone is “trusted” to honestly answer the covid questions each day as they decide whether to send their kids to school. Teachers were declared “essential”, and must come to work even after exposed to Covid-19 as long as there are no symptoms. Classrooms are full, with very little room for social distancing in many classes. Our PPE kits from the state have still not arrived.

Now for the two week update…. Tonight we learned that one elementary school will be closed for two weeks for quarantine after mass exposure.One school has sent home all third grade classes to quarantine, a kindergarten class was sent home for two weeks, and in one day at my home base school 21 contact trace letters were sent out to students. Everyone was so anxious to get back to “normal”, that they didn’t think through the reality of contact tracing and quarantine in schools. Everyone had to be ready to pivot at a moment’s notice. I’m not sure that’s much better than having to adjust and arrange childcare for a longer term.

Our county fair is scheduled for the first week of September. My family won’t be participating, but then again, we rarely went anyway. It will be just fantastic dealing with the effects of that! There are rumors floating around that our district will be all remote very soon. Schools are in a panic trying to scrape up enough chrome books for the kids who will need them for access to instruction. The bottom line is, there are not enough.


6 thoughts on “Mass Confusion and Frequent Pivoting

  1. Mr Rogers did teach million all thru the TV, it’s that amazing. He also taught kindness and manners along the way. I hate to hear what you are going thru, it’s very scary here too. I’ve had hives for going on two months and still refuse to go to doctors office. It’s a new doctor, a refferal since the meds have not worked, that means filling out new paperwork and being in the lobby with other patients. I think it’s time to buy a face shiled. I have four doctors I need to see and keep putting off. I hope they wake up and go virtual soon!!!!!!!

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    1. Oh gosh! Many of our doctors are virtual whenever they can be. We have to go in for any kind of testing that needs to be done, but they really try to minimize exposure. You’ve probably already tried this for hives- it is what a doctor advised me to do when having hives (allergic to latex)…I would take liquid Benadryl and a Zyrtec at the same time. It worked for me- to this day, I still use this when I start to get hives.

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      1. I’m on Steroids, two different types of histamine blockers and 2 Benadryl tablets. Still no budging. She has me refereed to a Dermatologist. I don’t know whow they are going to figure out what it is when i can’t give them any clues. I’ve run threw everything in my mind, made notes and discussed with David, still no answers.

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      2. At least two months, I thought they were getting better then yesterday I started to get a few more bumps. It’s not very bad now but I have scars all over from scratching. I’ve run thru everything, I’ve been alergy tessted and don’t have any allergies but this year have had a running nose for about the same amount of time. I keep thinking it’s an allergy but nothing new to give one. Have changed to baby laundy products, special lotion but still get new bumps. I’ve only had one other time years ago and they went away after about a week. I was very sick then. My immune system is is bad shape right now and I wonder if my body is trying to fight something off. I don’t know if that even makes sense.

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