Quarantine Day 32

Day 32 and it seems like sleeping too much has become a way to pass the time. I woke up really early, watched the morning news, and fell back asleep! My sleep time has been riddled with nightmares almost every night since our state shut down. I know the dreams are anxiety dreams. They usually involve me not being able to breath, or the ex husband being evil. They leave me drained in the mornings.

After sleeping too much today, I started connecting with people. I actually had a grown up zoom meeting with my school. It seems we are going to hold zoom meetings and conference calls to write our individual education plans that are due. I feel good about actually having to do my regular work responsibilities. After the meeting, I did a zoom meeting with a student. I can tell that our time out of school is wearing on the kids.

Little AoA wanted to have a FaceTime call with her piano teacher. That went well. Her piano teacher isn’t too comfortable with technology, but she is contemplating giving it a try!

As I retired to do the laundry, my aunt and cousin appeared online. I stopped what I was doing to play some house party Pictionary while Little AoA practiced her banjo.

That wasn’t enough for Little AoA. She wanted to call my aunt again later. We turned to the kitchen to fill some time making a fruit salad. Then we called my aunt again. Little AoA doesn’t talk much on the video calls, but she sits there and takes in the adult conversation. She just couldn’t seem to get enough today! After that call, I connected with my cousin to set up email pals with Little AoA and her same age second cousins.

I noticed some of my friends today sharing pictures of baby birds in their yards. I thought of the nest I found last week as I was hanging Easter eggs in my yard.

I went out to check on the nest today….

Baby birds! So sweet!

I saw one cute little thing today that made me laugh, and reminded me of my students…

Here is the Dear Heart flower for today…

Stay well, stay home if you can, and make connections!


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